Natalie Hebert

Actor. Photographer. Terrible speller.

Natalie Hebert

Actor. Photographer. Terrible Speller.

(headshot by: Darren Pellegrino)

(headshot by: Darren Pellegrino)

Natalie began her creative career behind the camera when she started a photography business in 2006 shooting primarily for local artists and theater companies in the Houston area.

After moving to Boston in 2012, she began acting on stage and in front of the camera. What started as simply another creative outlet, eventually grew into a passion and new profession.

A geek about gear, lenses, and light, Natalie always looks forward to tech week when working in the theater and will want to stand-in whenever possible on set. She will probably weird-out your DP by watching them closely while they work.

She will absolutely agree to be compensated with whisk(e)y. (Don't tell her agent.)




Moniker - Lead/Mother - (music video, artist: Penny&Sparrow) Dir. Bryan Sih

The Boswell Incident - Lead/Dep. Rosie Hutchins - (B.U. MFA Thesis Short) Dir. Wes Palmer

To Finally Contemplate Your Visits - Lead/Mother - (Independent) Dir. Bryan Sih

Before a Wedding - Supporting/Alethia - (Independent) Dir. Bryan Sih

New Verve - Supporting/Jess - (White Peak Films) Dir. Jacob White

Postal - Supporting/Ellie - (B.U. MFA Thesis Short) Dir. Annaleise Scheck



 A Future Perfect - Claire - Flyleaf Theater (Eric Butler)

Getting Sara Married - Sara - Natick Center for the Arts (Rosann Santorelli)

Macbeth - Lady Macbeth - Ghost Light Players (Kat Alix-Gaudreau)

Complete Works of William Shakespeare - Jess - Ragnarok Prod. (Nathan Scott)

Wit - Susie Monahan - New England Repertory Co. (Ken Butler)*

(*- Nomination, Best Supporting Actress- EMACT)



(list of conflicts can be made available upon request)



BU Actor’s Lab - Boston University - Jan Egleson & Carolyn Pickman

On Camera Acting - Michael Chekhov Actors Studio Boston - Scott Fielding 

Chekhov Training - Michael Chekhov Actors Studio Boston - Scott Fielding